Time-Lapse Photography is a technique used to compile a large collection of still images into individual frames of a video. When sequenced effectively, the video gives the appearance of time passing faster than reality, thus lapsing time. Breathtaking time-lapses are often seen in television and movies, and while they may appear complicated, they’re not impossible to create.

In this tutorial, renowned time-lapse photographer, Drew Geraci, covers everything you need to start creating incredible time-lapses of your own. Travel with Drew to 4 unique locations while he shares his knowledge and expertise to help you become a better time-lapse photographer.

You’ll learn about:
✔️ Essential Gear & Accessories
✔️ Location Scouting for Time-Lapse
✔️ Composition Selection
✔️ Detailed Camera Settings & Functions
✔️ Exporting & Processing Workflow
✔️ Editing & Post-Production
✔️ Building A Business with Time-Lapses

Drew will walk you through step by step how to compose, capture and edit each image to create interesting time-lapses that are beautiful and masterful to watch. Discover comprehensive techniques for an evening time-lapse, rooftop time-lapse, day to night composite, live action composite and motion control composite. When you understand tips like reducing flicker, you'll instantly take your time-lapses from amateur to professional. 

Learn how to create visually dynamic time-lapses: compose, capture and edit with Drew Geraci's Time-Lapse Photography - coming soon! 

This 2.5 hour intermediate tutorial uses the software: Lightroom, After Effects, and LRTimelapse.  

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Lesson Descriptions

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Go behind the scenes with time-lapse photographer, Drew Geraci as he opens up the tutorial with his favorite gear.  Learn about which camera bodies and lenses he uses along with his preferences or alternatives. Understand which camera accessories he uses, which are mandatory and what will make the job easier. Walk through the hardware and software that he uses every day. Move into the most important aspect of time-lapse photography - location scouting - and get into Drew's head and the high impact areas he looks for. 

Go on location with Drew to the abandoned Martin Luther King Bridge in St. Louis MO. Breakdown the steps of scouting locations and how to get access to amazing views. Learn camera settings, gear settings and watch the setup and execution of the time-lapse. 

Go on location with Drew to the 19th Floor of  the ShipWorks Building overlooking the St. Louis Arch Grounds and old courthouse. Discuss why this location is perfect for time-lapse and what you should look for when scouting locations. Discuss cameras, angles, transitions and gear. Get step by step instruction on file management, processing, editing and exporting for the best post production workflow possible in Lightroom and After Effects. 

Watch as Drew edits two separate time-lapses (day and night) shot from the same camera and combines them in post to create a surreal day to night transition without actually shooting the entire day to night transition. Assemble in After Effects, learn to remove flicker, and show dynamic movement.

Watch as Drew shows tips and techniques to improve the shooting of day to night transitions. Use LRTimelapse to set the exposure correctly overtime. Make key adjustments and utilize keyframes in Lightroom. Assemble a time-lapse in After Effects.  

Go on location with Drew at the St. Louis Arch Grounds on a sunny, blue sky day with a beautiful reflecting pond - an amazing backdrop for time-lapse. Learn to choose your composition on scene in a way that allows you to combine both time-lapse and live action in post to achieve a very surreal image. Follow up in After Effects to assemble, mask and crop the images for a perfect live action composite. 

Go on location with Drew at Shaw Park in St. Louis, MO for a beautiful sunset experience. Watch as he shows how to use a motion control rig to rise over a banister displaying a water fountain and gorgeous cloud movement in time-lapse. See gear and camera settings and learn techniques to help the camera automatically adjust to people, animals, or change in light while in process. Follow up in After Effects to combine both live action and time-lapse together in a motion controlled environment. Learn about processing large file sizes and best practices for optimizing your assets. 

It never fails that accidents happen, weather is unpredictable, or things go wrong when you're on set. Learn how to pivot and make changes in post production. Follow Drew at the computer as he shows how to remove, replicate and match frames without causing any noticeable jumps in your time-lapse. Use After Effects to blend frames together seamlessly. 

Get inside the head of Drew Geraci as he walks through one of his first personal projects, Midtown NYC, that helped him build his portfolio to attract attention and land big name jobs. He walks through the entire process of shooting, editing, and selling Netflix's House of Cards intro. He describes the feat of landing the actual moon inside of a Corona bottle on a billboard for the Corona Extra 'Luna Corona' Promo. He describes different ways to monetize the time-lapses that you shoot through his own experiences. 

Meet Your Instructor

Learn the keys to TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY from A  successful Working Pro™

Time-Lapse Photographer and Videographer, DREW GERACI  


Drew Geraci is an award-winning creative who specializes in motion time-lapse photography, video production, and aerial videography and has been in the industry for over 15 years. He's a US Navy veteran, worked as the Director of Multimedia Production for the Washington Times in Washington, DC, and is the owner of District 7 Media. 

His passion for HDR time-lapse photography lead him to create the iconic opening sequence to Netflix's House of Cards. He strives to produce the highest quality productions for clients including Apple, NFL Films, NIKE, Discovery Channel, Red Bull Media, HBO Documentaries, ESPN, Corona Extra's 'Luna Corona' Promos, PBS's Frontline, and more.

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